Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cosmic Yoga - Week of May 10, 2010 [Classes Now at 7pm!]

"Love has to spring spontaneously from within and it is in no way amenable to any form of inner or outer force. Love and coercion can never go together; but though love cannot be forced on anyone, it can be awakened in him through love itself. Love is essentially self-communicative. Those who do not have it, catch it from those who have it. True love is unconquerable and irresistable; and it goes on gathering power and spreading itself until eventually it transforms everyone whom it touches."
—Ram Dass

Mon - Gentle Yoga
Tue - Basic Hatha
Wed - Yoga for Flexibility
Thu - Yoga for Strength
Fri - Cosmic Yoga Party @ Shea Stadium @ 8pm
Sat - Hatha/Group Meditation
Sun - Basic Hatha

All classes at 7pm at 957 Broadway in Brooklyn at The Market Hotel. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early, we'll leave the door unlocked for you (Use this time to stretch out, warm up, slow the day and massage your mind into the vibe). We lock the door when class starts so please be on time.

Try to bring your own yoga mat.

If it rains or is cold we do classes inside with new age music soundscapes.


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