Thursday, July 8, 2010

Healthy Hedonism: Heat Rave

It is important to live in a wild neighborhood while you are young and virile. The streets can be littered with crushed cans and Chinese food Styrofoams, rather than ice cream parlors and small caf├ęs, and that is important for building personal character and getting a greater sense of what New York City was really built on. Most of your neighbors smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol during the day and jay-walk artlessly because there is an overall sense that nobody is watching over them and that the future does not hold better days.

To an extent their notion is wholly correct, and the city is casually looking away to shrug responsibility for its down-trodden. The wild neighborhoods remain dirty and open to disease, and you have the opportunity to live within them and keep a lot of things in a healthy perspective.

Because little is regulated, there is also open opportunity for Domino's Pizza to sell small pepperoni pies out of the trunk of an unmarked American sedan for $5 on any given incredibly hot day. It's part of their "heat wave" promotion, which is the term for the silver insulated case that envelopes the delivered pies. It's too hot in New York to need the "heat wave" and it's too hot in New York to consider ordering low-grade pizza - but if you see it being handed out at such a price, anything is possible.

Should you purchase one, you will probably - almost instantly - experience buyer's remorse. Add a touch of class to your senseless hedonism by putting cold kimchi on top of your pizza slices.

And host a heat rave.

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