Sunday, July 11, 2010

Introduction to Poverty Yoga

If poverty be a lack of human needs, long on. Be thankful for what you can not have. That which is out of reach will keep you wishing. Knowledge of the bankruptcy in the people around you may maintain your own personal wealth, and in this instance, your flexibility and how wonderful you are.

Come to poverty yoga on Sunday, July 18th at 7pm in the Silent Barn. It will be lead by Austin "Makalay" Samsel, with incredibly live music from Nonhorse, Loud Objects, and Ayashe Kasa.

I have every confidence that it will be a very important evening. I wonder, what are we unable to do? And then, with so many open possibilities, could I ever organize "musical theater yoga"? Could I ever truly make my father proud?

Here is a really cool article that Bushwick BK did about the last Evil Yoga.

Here are some excellent photographs of Evil Yoga by Rebecca Smeyne:

Here is a chilling video from Fucked Up Earth Yoga by Tristan Perich:

FUCKED UP EARTH YOGA at Silent Barn from Loud Objects on Vimeo.

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