Monday, May 31, 2010

Cosmic Yoga - Week of May 31, 2010

"See how far you can gently soften, accepting yourself as you are, without any notion of what you should become. Making friends with who you are —and really feel that friendship, that kindness.
Then can you extend that friendship, gentleness, softness even to those who have hurt you, disappointed you, frustrated you. Letting go of the hurts and wounds you have been carrying by learning to forgive, by learning to accept our common human-ness.
Learn to forgive yourself too for all the mistakes you have made in the past, not holding onto these wounds by having guilt and remorse in relation to them; and also letting go of the wounds that have been created by others. Learn to accept yourself as you are, and learn to accept others as they are, without an image of how you or they should be. Learning to be gentle to oneself and gentle to others.
Thinking: May all beings be well and happy; may all beings overcome the suffering that they create themselves." —Godwin Samararatne

Mon - Basic Hatha
Tue - Yoga for flexibility
Wed - Power Yoga
Thu - Kundalini Vibous Comm- Unity Yoga
Fri - Hatha Yoga Followed by Dance Party
Sat - Urban Gardening Workshop (w/ Fucked-Up Earth Yoga) @ Silent Barn @ 12 (RSVP)
Sun - Yoga + Group Meditation

Unless otherwise noted, all classes at 7pm at 957 Broadway in Brooklyn at The Market Hotel. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early, we'll leave the door unlocked for you (Use this time to stretch out, warm up, slow the day and massage your mind into the vibe). We lock the door when class starts so please be on time.

Try to bring your own yoga mat.

If it rains or is cold we do classes inside with new age music soundscapes.


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