Saturday, May 29, 2010

Book Club - Party!

Book Club - Party!
9PM - Wednesday, June 9, 2010
Market Hotel - 957 Broadway

Summer is great for partying and drinking and having sex but somewhere in there you need to take time to improve yourself.

Here at Body Actualized Control we've decided to start a book club. The first book we're going to read is the memoir THIS BOY'S LIFE by Tobias Wolff.

It costs like $3 From or amazon. It's available at the NYPL. Or you could go to Strand and it's only like $5.

We'll all read the first half of the book (about one hundred pages) by June 9th and discuss it at the meeting. And then we'll party and drink and some of us might hook up.

BYOB : )

"The story is grim: The teenaged Wolff moves with his divorced mother from Florida to Utah to Washington State to escape her violent boyfriend. When she remarries, Wolff finds himself in a bitter battle of wills with his abusive stepfather, a contest in which the two prove to be more evenly matched than might have been supposed. Deception, disguise, and illusion are the weapons the young man learns to employ as he grows up--not bad training for a writer-to-be. Somber though this tale of family strife is, it is also darkly funny and so artistically satisfying that most readers come away exhilarated rather than depressed."

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