Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In the news: CMT blog lists country music songs about outer space

Neil Armstrong landed, or didn't really land after all, on the moon 41 years ago today, and while it isn't a milestone and nobody brought it up, Country Music Television's culture blog posted a list of country songs that relate to the cosmos. There were only five because of how little cross-over there is between honky tonk and the new age. Still, I hadn't heard of any of the songs so we looked them up on YouTube.

The first one was really good. It's "Third Rock from the Sun," by Joe Diffie from 1994, which makes it the namesake of a comedy TV show I used to really love. It's about how every action has a much crazier reaction in the childish South.

The second one was by Willie Nelson and it was unlistenable.

The music video with Jewel called "Jupiter (Swallow the Moon)" was probably the most cosmic. Austin liked it because he said that Jewel was mixing sex with new age imagery. I liked it because she shot a lazer out of her mouth and at some parts the vocals would continue but she wouldn't lip sync the words, which meant that she was being possessed. I would've posted the video but the embedding link was disabled by Atlantic Records.

Worst case scenario for hicks and aliens is "Comin' to Your City" by Big & Rich (who also have the song Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy). They fly around America in a spaceship shaped like an electric guitar. They mention that they play in Buffalo and Albany. One of the aliens in the video was played by a dwarf who is dependent on arm braces to walk (in real life). Embedding the song was prevented by the user bigandrich but it's basically for the best.

The last song on the list was "Is There Life Out There" by Reba McEntire. I didn't really listen to the song but the video was about a (not single!) mother going back to college so that she doesn't have to work at a diner anymore. I think the title refers to life beyond what she had been used to, not aliens, not spirits, not cosmic.

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austin samsel said...

did i really like jewel's video because of that? maybe i only said that because i was trying to be polite to jewel.

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