Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In the news: Occult center to open with a visit from the Pope

Former parliamentary candidate Magus Lynius Shadee, who also notes himself to be the King of All Witches, plans to open an occult center in time for Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Birmingham this fall. "I’ve always intended to open an occult centre in the cities and the Pope’s visit simply brought forward the date," explained Shadee, 65, who originally planned to open a center on Christmas Eve but now has his heart set on September 19. "The Vatican will probably be none too happy with the idea though."

Shadee, who runs an occult center in Normandy, explained that he has not yet chosen the exact building in Birmingham but has, through incantation, evoked a demon who will do the location scouting for him.

"I believe there’s a large demand for all aspects of the occult, witchcraft, black and white magic, practical ritual working and instruction with the paranormal. I hope the opening of the centres will change the direction of many people who are lost in religion and give them a purpose of life after death."

In 2003, Madonna opened an occult center in London's West End, because of the Kabbalah's theosophical leanings, with £3.65 million and a dream in her heart.

Donations can be made to the forthcoming occult center here. Questions and suggests for Magus Shadee can be sent to enquiries@occultcentre.com.

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